Administrator Password required error in dcpromo.exe

The local administrator account becomes the domain administrator account when you create a new domain. The new domain cannot be created because the local administrators account password does not meet requirements. Currently, a password is not required for the local administrator account. We recommend that you use the net user comand-linetool with the /passwordreq:yes option … Read more

Installing Active Directory in windows 2008

How to install and configure Active Directory Domain Services in Windows 2008 R2? Install Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) on a member server that runs Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 by using the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (Dcpromo.exe). The member server should be located in the forest root domain. … Read more

How to update Active Directory Manager Filed

Updating Active Directory ‘Manager’ field using code snippet Here is the code snippet to set the user manager field in AD. let say we want to create a new user with loginname test1 and set the manager field of user “test2” to “test1” //Creating the user test1 DirectoryEntry myLdapConnection= new DirectoryEntry(LDAPPath, LDAPUser, LDAPPassword, AuthenticationTypes.Secure);DirectoryEntry test1 … Read more

Adding Custom Attributes to Active Directory user profile

How to add Employee Number to Active Directory Users properties?  Please see my previous post about how you can add Employee ID filed for user profile. In this blog, I am going to show you how you can add employee ID field in Active Directory user Properties. 1. Login to your domain controller and open ADSI … Read more

Install SharePoint 2010 in Amazon Cloud EC2

Source:  by Marek Czarzbon – You need an EC2 Account by Amazon 2- Go to the AWS Management Console (Beta) 3- Start a new instance. Be aware about the region. I’ve started my server in Europe West. 4- The Windows Server 2008 is not available as standard AMI Image, so switch to Community AMI and … Read more

VM Import – Bring Your VMware Images to The Cloud

If you have invested in virtualization to meet IT security, compliance, or configuration management requirements and are now looking at the cloud as the next step toward the future, I’ve got some good news for you. VM Import lets you bring existing VMware images (VMDK files) to Amazon EC2. You can import “system disks” containing bootable operating system images as … Read more

Amazon EC2 Console

Amazon EC2 Features With the AWS Management Console, developers can start and stop EC2 instances, view and perform actions on running instances, and manage Elastic Block Store volumes with simple clicks of a mouse. You can also see what configurations you have set (e.g. security groups, key pairs, and Elastic IPs) and modify them using … Read more

Amazon Elastic MapReduce Features

With the AWS Management Console, developers can easily launch Elastic MapReduce job flows and monitor their progress. You can create as many job flows as you’d like by filling out a simple wizard. You can monitor job flow status as it progresses through execution stages, and, if required, terminate it with a single mouse click. … Read more