How to Add MY Employee ID in Active directory?

Adding employee ID filed to Active Directory users in Windows 2008 Server.  In this blog you can view step by step instruction about how you can go head and add Employee ID filed in Active directory using VBScript. 

1. Login to your domain controller and open ADSI Edit

2.  Right click on ADSI Edit and Connect To

3. Once you in the connection settings, select configuration from the drop down list where it says Select a well known naming context

4. Open CN=DisplaySpecifiers

5. Open CN=409, CN=DisplaySpecifiers, CN=Configuration

6. Look for CN=User-Display and double click on this

7.  Click on AdminContextMenu and Edit.

If you don’t see the edit button, your account is not having enough rights.
Make sure your member of Enterprise Admins

8. Add to the attribute the value “2, Employee &ID, c:\scripts\employeeid.vbs” (without quotes).
Do not remove the existing values, and if number 2 is already in use, select a free number.

I am using a VBScript and I saved the script in following location c:\scripts\employeeid.vbs
Copy script from: Adding Employee ID in Active Directory Script  and past it in NotePad and save as EmployeeID.Vbs


Click OK and OK for the next Windows.

9. Open your Active Directory Users and Computers and right click on any account. You will see Employee ID


Using VBScript and ADSI Edit, You can enable Employee ID Filed in Active Directory.  In my next blog, I will show you how you can Attribute Editor tab to enable Employee ID Filed in Active Directory.

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